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How it Works

Say "So Long" to Ugly, Black Roof Streaks!

The EraserSpacer™ counteracts the long-term effects of microbial parasites that cause rooftop streaking.


Watch the EraserSpacer™ explainer video and see how our technology works

How it Works

The EraserSpacer™ is a breakthrough in the roofing industry that permanently rids rooftops of unsightly black streaks. Say “goodbye” to the days of expensive power washing solutions with harmful chemicals that could weaken a roof or void its warranty.

Step one: we remove the exposed row of shingles below the rooftop’s ridgeline and install a long copper strip.

Step two: we install the EraserSpacer™ panels, which conceal the copper base sheet, securing it with screws and a special sealant.
Step three: we place shingles over the EraserSpacer™ panels. Over time, streaks disappear and never return.

Leaving your roof looking brand-new and extending its lifespan up to a decade.

Why do black streaks happen to good roofs?

It starts with the shingle.

Today, roofing contractors use limestone as a filler for modern asphalt shingles – a natural food source for bacteria and algae growth. Over time, rain falls and interacts with the shingles, and microbial parasites called “Gloecapsa” (blue-green algae) form as they feed off the limestone. Black streaks form as a result.

This not only affects the curb-appeal of your home, but it also weakens your shingles and impacts the longevity of your roof over time.

Before you Replace Your Roof, Erase it!

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